ViProsta User Testimonials

“I was getting up every single night just to go to the bathroom…sometimes up to five times. I felt exhausted all the time. Thanks to ViProsta, I feel rested again and have more time to spend with my grandkids.”

Avery, Illinois

“I began to dread making a trip to the bathroom because of the burning. Which made me afraid to urinate. After about a week of taking ViProsta, the pain started to subside.”

Steve, Pennsylvania

“Having an enlarged prostate is one of the most uncomfortable things I’ve had to experience; not to mention hard to talk about. Thank God I found ViProsta when I did.”

John, New York

“I figured that I would eventually have issues with my prostate; the statistics are there. But I wasn’t prepared for the discomfort and embarrassment at all. Before ViProsta, I had to wear two pairs of underwear on the golf course due to leaking urine. It was a complete nightmare. I’ve never really trusted doctors, so no way was I going to start now. Luckily, I have one friend that I could talk to about it – my wife. She did some research and found ViProsta for me. I knew there was a reason I married her.”

Ron, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

“It’s nice to once again be able to go to family reuinions and watch the grandhildren play. Sure, I always went to them, but if the park pavillion wasn’t near a bathroom, I knew it was going to be a long day. Thanks, ViProsta.”

Ned, Tampa, FL

“Playing cards with the guys on Wednesday nights was always fun, up until a few years ago. My constant trips to the bathroom became a running joke. Now I can sit and play longer than anyone else!"

 Robert, New Hampshire

“I have a lot of old army buddies who like to hang out at the V.F.W. on the weekends. It used to be fun meeting up with them and having a few beers, exchanging stories and talking about our tours. When my prostate problems started, I could barely sit through half a story before I’d have a strong urge to use the bathroom. Not anymore. I’m finally able to be respectful again.”

Alan, South Carolina

“For years, I looked forward to my retirement and just doing what I want to do. When it finally came, I couldn’t do much of anything because everything seemed to revolve around going to the damned bathroom. I’m too stubborn to go see a doctor (been burned by them more than once). So my wife and I looked online and found ViProsta. It’s not perfect, but nothing is. It works enough to get my vote.”


“Like a lot of men my age, I let health issues go as long as I can because going to the doctor is a chore. Not to mention nerve-racking. Then I started reading stories of guys younger than me who have had to have surgery due to procrastinating with their prostate problems. I got lucky and the first one I found was your formula. So I suppose thanks are in order!”

Mason, Arkansas

“For years, I was in denial about having BPH. Then I started having to get up at least three times during the night — even if I wouldn’t drink anything before bed. Since taking ViProsta, it’s only once a night, usually. Recently, I even had two nights in a row where I didn’t have to go to the bathroom even once. I still woke up, because my body was in that schedule. But I was able to fall right back asleep.”

Virgil, Alaska